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Mainly for direct source suppliers and functionality as it affects their resellers.

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How to Reassign a Mobile Unlock Service [Dhru Fusion]

Quick: How do you reassign a mobile unlock service when another Dhru Fusion supplier's offering looks way better and is cheaper? Your current supplier won't budge on the price. Therefore, how...
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How to Enable Automatic User Registration Mode [Dhru Fusion GSM]

A new user had just signed up on your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server and you’d prefer to enable automatic user registration mode from now on. Previously, the manual registration mode was fine...
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What is Apple GSX and What Does it Stand for?

GSX stands for Global Service Exchange. Authorized repair shops or Apple partners use the Apple GSX service. Thus, it’s a worldwide order management tool. The GSX service tool allows Apple partners to: ...
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MEP Code Name Setting [Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server]

You still have plenty of cell phone unlock code resellers who need to unlock Blackberry devices using the MEP code name from the setting on your Dhru Fusion GSM server. Your own...
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How to Create a Cron Job to Generate an API Key [Dhru Fusion]

Creating a cron job to generate an API key with cPanel for your Dhru Fusion GSM cell phone unlock server would be great. Business is good. Many are signing up with you to...
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How to create an API test service for Dhru Fusion GSM [Cell Phone Unlock...

One of your cell phone unlock resellers asks you about testing the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress by using the using the Dhru Fusion GSM API with your unlock server. However, you don’t have...
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Country – Provider setting: Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server

You own a Dhru Fusion GSM cell phone unlocking server and you need to know how to set up an unlock service that requires the country - provider or network combination. No doubt,...
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Brand – Model setting: Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server

As a Dhru Fusion GSM direct source unlocking provider, you have the task of configuring your unlock server to deliver various cell phone unlock codes, including those that require a brand...



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