Drupal Development: Building My Own Remote Mobile Unlocking Website

Even though I discovered Drupal in June, 2012, I didn’t really start building this site until August, 2012. It was slow going at first, but once the path was clear, things moved relatively quickly.

How would I go about customizing my site? I did what most people would do: scour the web and YouTube for tips and instructional videos. Of course, there is no limit to resources when it comes to configuring your own Drupal installation.

I have to mention the two that were instrumental in helping me to get my site up and running in time to make my first transaction by December, 2012.

They are: Chris Shattuck – BuildAModule and Peter Yaworski – The Toronto Developer. Between Chris and Pete, I had pretty much everything that was needed to build a solid, flexible remote unlocking website.

Chris of BuildAModule helped me with the detailed, more technical aspects of Drupal development. Even though Pete, The Toronto Developer, would assist in those areas as well, I learned more from Pete about modifying my site to be the best e-commerce solution I could have: which modules to install, how to configure them, etc.

Being that most of us have day jobs, the majority of my work on this site was performed during nights, very early mornings, and weekends. Oh yeah, and a few “all nighters” as well.

I’m not going to get super technical by explaining the detailed modifications to configure automated background processes, the decision to use Ubercart vs Drupal Commerce, or anything like that.

It’s true that more people were interested in simply unlocking their mobile phones rather than building their own website. I just wanted to provide a high level peek at what it took for an average website developer to put something like this together, for any who were a little curious.

I don’t have a degree or certificate in anything. I have a high school diploma, a driving urge to learn stuff and a lot of real world information technology experience.

… and, thanks to a great community of people a lot smarter than me, I now have my very own, fully functioning, remote mobile unlocking website!

How does a guy like me end up developing websites? That story has its beginnings with my best friend “hacking” a little electronic football game when we were young.

I’ll tell you about that next time.


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