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What Does the Brand/Model Required Mean for Unlock Products?

The brand/model required setting is needed to unlock certain cell phones. However, there are over 20,000 different kinds of Android handsets and over 10 different types of iPhone. Windows has a reported 50 different phone devices and the list goes on.

The StockUnlocks Basic plugin for WordPress will handle unlock orders that only require the IMEI number of the mobile device or cell phone. This IMEI based unlock method is the most popular way of remotely unlocking a device.

How to Enable Brand/Model Required

As your cell phone unlock business grows, you may find the need to offer additional kinds of unlock services. The StockUnlocks Pro upgrade enables additional requirements when unlocking a mobile device or cell phone. Additionally, the upgrade includes enabling the brand/model required setting.

There are certain unlock services that are specific to a particular brand and model combination. Your Dhru Fusion supplier will determine which unlock services fall into this category.

The StockUnlocks Pro plugin will automatically configure your WooCommerce Products with the necessary settings. Therefore, enabling your customer to select the brand/model required when placing an order.

Sometimes, having the ability to differentiate between specific brands and models may mean a cheaper unlock service. This is due to bulk of volume discounts given to your unlock supplier.

Identifying Enabled Brand/Model Required Services

If you’ve upgraded to StockUnlocks Pro, you can easily identify which unlock services can submit the brand/model required combination.

Viewing the WooCommerce Product Details:

1. Access your WordPress Dashboard and Click on Products > All Products

wordpress dashboard selecting woocommerce all productsedit the product with brand/model Required2. Click Edit on a product that you believe requires the brand/model combination in order to obtain an unlock code

brand/model required selection confirmation3. Scroll down to the Product data section and click the “StockUnlocks” tab

4. Scroll down further until you see the Is model drop-down list selection

The words Requires Pro Access will be displayed if you have not upgraded to StockUnlocks Pro. Otherwise, you should be able to choose No or Required.

When your website communicates with your Dhru Fusion unlock provider via the StockUnlocks plugin, it will automatically import and configure your unlock services to match what your provider is offering.

You normally don’t have to worry about making these settings directly unless you’re manually creating an unlock service from scratch or you’re converting one unlock service to another.

Storing the Brand/Model Required Values

You Dhru Fusion provider stores all of the brand and model combinations specific to the unlock service on their server. These brand/model required values are grouped based on the unique API number linked to your website.

website display of drop-down list before selecting brand/model

When your customers view the WooCommerce Product on your website, there will be two drop-down lists:

  • One labeled Brand:
  • The other labeled  Model:

failure message when brand is chosen and model is not

The order fails if the brand/model required combination is required but not selected. The StockUnlocks plugin will prevent the customer from submitting an unlock order. This avoids unlock processing errors. As a result, the customer will see the following error in the browser: Please choose a model.

The brand/model required combination is necessary in order to obtain the correct unlock code. Remember, these settings are for a particular mobile device or cell phone.

In Summary

The StockUnlocks Pro upgrade removes all of the guess work out of configuring your unlock services. Thus, matching what your Dhru Fusion direct source supplier is offering.

You still have the flexibility to manually configure the WooCommerce Product. This includes setting the require Brand and Model values. Especially if you’re creating an unlock service from scratch or if you’re converting an existing service to another.

Here’s some helpful information if you need to manually create an unlock service that requires the brand/model combination:

We realize that verifying which unlock services are brand/model required is not convenient. What do you think? Maybe an extra column in the products display can identify them. Or, perhaps, an enhanced StockUnlocks dashboard presentation.

Let us know what might be helpful!

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