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Those who are using the StockUnlocks module (or "plugin") for Drupal powered websites are:

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AT&T allows a contracted customer, in good standing, to unlock up to five devices per year. Prepaid GoPhone customers with an active account, for at least six months, may unlock up to five mobile phones per year as well.

Want to know how to have your out-of-contract iPhone unlocked by ATT officially? The ATT approved way? Here's how you can use AT&T's prepaid GoPhone account to unlock 5 devices for less than $50:

  • Purchase a new GoPhone SIM card off of eBay for @$1 (Add @$40 to the cost if you purchase your SIM card from the AT&T store)
    • Go here to activate your...
An opened padlock wearing a burgler's mask

There was a time when we were receiving requests to unlock hundreds of AT&T iPhones, sometimes thousands at a time. During that period, we chose not to pursue such business for many reasons. See the details in the...

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Dear AT&T Wireless:

This letter is to propose a possible solution to carrier unlocking the off-contract AT&T iPhone. Specifically, unlocking the previously owned iPhone for individuals not...

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Let's get right to the point. You're looking to unlock your AT&T iPhone and you don't qualify for a free unlock via AT&T. So far everywhere you've been has either:

  • Canceled and refunded your order
  • Canceled and kept your money in their "credit" system
  • Still has your order and you've been waiting for at least a week now

We're resellers of mobile unlocking services. As a "customer" ourselves, all the above has happened to us also....

Podium with AT&T logo on top Apple logo below

About a week has passed since the meltdown or "AT&T iPhone unlocking shutdown". It turns out that the AT&T iPhone can still be unlocked after all. But, why does it feel...

AT&T Blue White Logo

LATEST UPDATE: Orders now being accepted here: AT&T iPhone Unlock

A few interesting things happened this week:...

The new iOS 7 icon

A new feature in iOS 7 can stop an iPhone thief or scammer right in their tracks. With this new security enhancement, if your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, it's true: you may never see your iPhone again, but you can make sure that no one else will ever be able to use it as well.

The Story

NEW: The StockUnlocks module for Drupal websites with Dhru Fusion Client API

Finally: The StockUnlocks module for Drupal powered websites! Utilizing Ubercart and the v2.0 API for the Dhru Fusion GSM Portal Client, this module will automate many of your daily unlocking tasks.

Check out the short YouTube video overview.

I think that you'll find the StockUnlocks module useful if you're new to mobile phone unlocking or currently relying on spreadsheets and manual email processing - especially if you're using multiple providers.

What it Does


Writing a blog about unlocking iPhones: The best advice ever

There's something that I've been wanting to say about this blog for some time now. First, I figured that I would take a break from the coding, come up for some air and let you know that I'm alive and still working on that customized mobile unlocking Drupal module for your website.

Still making great progress, although I may have been off by about a week and a half on my delivery time-frame. I've already tested it: having configured, flawlessly connected, and effortlessly switched between 5 different providers. The only thing left now is "Drupalizing" the existing SQL look-ups...


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