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Ahamdi (not verified) June 19, 2015

What if I get a "Clean" Sprint USA iPhone 4S for a gift from a relation living in the US and it has not been previously activated over Sprint USA's network. Can it be activated over a local GSM carrier's network where I live outside the US? Would I have to approach my local carrier to unlock the device so that it can be activated for use? When I put a local GSM enabled SIM in the phone, it receives the service bars but the screen then says "iPhone not Activated". I need some help here.

StockUnlocks June 20, 2015

First of all, if you just want to be 100% sure that the device is clean, you can use this service:

Sprint USA iPhone Blacklist / Barred checker

That's if you decide to use someone who is offering a "clean only" Sprint USA unlocking service. If you purchase the "clean only" service from a supplier: YES, the device needs to be activated on the Sprint USA network first before unlocking it.

We do not offer a "clean only" unlocking service.

The service that we offer will unlock the device regardless of its status (clean or not) and, NO, it does not need to be activated on the Sprint USA network with the following service:

Sprint USA Premium iPhone Unlock


Ahamdi (not verified) June 21, 2015

Thanks for the reply. I checked the Activation Lock status. It returned OFF. What exactly is meant by Country: 226 and Network Provider: 2008. I need clarification before ordering the Blacklist/Barred Check.

StockUnlocks June 21, 2015

Those are internal database lookup references. 226 = United States, 2008 = Sprint USA. The most important information you will receive after ordering will be the device status.

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