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Ahamdi (not verified) June 19, 2015

What if I get a "Clean" Sprint USA iPhone 4S for a gift from a relation living in the US and it has not been previously activated over Sprint USA's network. Can it be activated over a local GSM carrier's network where I live outside the US? Would I have to approach my local carrier to unlock the device so that it can be activated for use? When I put a local GSM enabled SIM in the phone, it receives the service bars but the screen then says "iPhone not Activated". I need some help here.

StockUnlocks June 20, 2015

First of all, if you just want to be 100% sure that the device is clean, you can use this service:

Sprint USA iPhone Blacklist / Barred checker

That's if you decide to use someone who is offering a "clean only" Sprint USA unlocking service. If you purchase the "clean only" service from a supplier: YES, the device needs to be activated on the Sprint USA network first before unlocking it.

We do not offer a "clean only" unlocking service.

The service that we offer will unlock the device regardless of its status (clean or not) and, NO, it does not need to be activated on the Sprint USA network with the following service:

Sprint USA Premium iPhone Unlock


Ahamdi (not verified) June 21, 2015

Thanks for the reply. I checked the Activation Lock status. It returned OFF. What exactly is meant by Country: 226 and Network Provider: 2008. I need clarification before ordering the Blacklist/Barred Check.

StockUnlocks June 21, 2015

Those are internal database lookup references. 226 = United States, 2008 = Sprint USA. The most important information you will receive after ordering will be the device status.

jigme (not verified) August 12, 2015

hi  i bought a blacklisted i phone 6 blocked on t mobile usa. i want it unlocked so as to be able to use it abroad. is it possible?   thanks

StockUnlocks August 13, 2015

Hello jigme,

There is a service I have access to, however, it's not available for a barred/blacklisted USA T-Mobile iPhone 6. It's for a CLEAN IMEI only, sorry.

I wish I had a service like what you are looking for, similar to the barred/blacklisted USA Sprint iPhone unlock service that I have. It allows you to use the iPhone outside of the U.S. once unlocked.

I haven't posted the CLEAN IMEI USA T-Mobile service to the website due to lack of demand.

If anyone out there knows of a service for barred/blacklisted USA T-Mobile iPhone, allowing it to be used outside of the U.S. , feel free to leave your comment here.



Slim (not verified) August 14, 2015

Purchased iphone 5s on craigslist unaware of bad imei anyway to clear it?

StockUnlocks August 14, 2015

There are some websites that claim that they can clean certain IMEI/ESN that have been barred/blacklisted/blocked.

I'm not sure whether those services really work or not. Some time ago, I removed all mobile and iPhone Unlock Services that involved cleaning a bad IMEI/ESN.


Anyluck (not verified) August 16, 2015

Purchased note 4 on craigslist and was unaware that the imei was blocked.  is there anyway to unlock it? thank you

StockUnlocks August 17, 2015

Please understand that there is a big difference between Unlock and Unblock (or cleaning).

1. When a device is Locked it can only be used on ONE Network provider or carrier. No other SIM Card may be used, only the original carrier's SIM Card may be used.

2. When a device is Blocked (or barred/blacklisted) the device can't be used on ANY network provider in the country of origin (usually). It won't work because the original owner didn't pay their bill or it was reported lost or stolen.

> Unlocking (related to #1 above): also known as SIM Unlocking, allows one to use the device on any carrier, whether locally or abroad. That is, you may use any SIM Card from any network provider as you wish.

BIG NOTE: Blocked/Barred/Banned ESN/IMEI devices can still be UNLOCKED. Yes, they can. It's just that you still won't be able to use the device in the country of origin even though it's Unlocked.

That's why some people SIM Unlock barred/blacklisted devices and sell them overseas to be used in another country. However, with talk of globally sharing blacklists this can be seen as becoming a problem in the future.

> Unblocking (related to #2 above): also known as cleaning the bad ESN/IMEI, restores the "good standing" of the device's ESN/IMEI. This allows it to be used, once again, on the network from which is was banned. No one usually goes back to the original network.

Usually, after "cleaning" the bad ESN/IMEI, the device owner will proceed to SIM Unlock the device in order to use it on another Network provider in the same country.

With all of that said and as I continue to point out to everyone, we do not clean or "repair" bad ESN/IMEI devices. Please follow the conversation above and read the links already provided. Thanks,

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