How to Share and Sync iPhone Contacts [iOS Family]

Here’s an overview of how to share and sync iPhone contacts with another iPhone or iPad using iCloud : Create a new, generic e-mail address to link with an Apple ID. For example: Create a new, shared Apple ID which will contain the shared Contacts in the iCloud Account. Add the shared iCloud account to […]

How to Create a Stand-alone Unlock Product

Do you need to manually process a stand-alone unlock cell phone order? Actually, you don’t need the automation of the StockUnlocks plugin to process your WooCommerce product orders. It’s for this reason that, beginning with version 1.8.6 of the StockUnlocks plugin, you can now create stand-alone unlock products. What exactly does that mean? Stand-alone Unlock […]

MEP Code Name Setting [Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server]

You still have plenty of cell phone unlock code resellers who need to unlock Blackberry devices using the MEP code name from the setting on your Dhru Fusion GSM server. Your own server contains the Blackberry MEP unlock services. Therefore, your resellers automatically see them when they connect to your server using the Dhru Fusion […]

Country – Provider setting: Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server

You own a Dhru Fusion GSM cell phone unlocking server and you need to know how to set up an unlock service that requires the country – provider or network combination. No doubt, these settings are important if you have resellers connecting to your server via the Dhru Fusion GSM API. Setting up the required Country and […]

Brand – Model setting: Dhru Fusion GSM Cell Phone Unlock Server

As a Dhru Fusion GSM direct source unlocking provider, you have the task of configuring your unlock server to deliver various cell phone unlock codes, including those that require a brand – model combination. Cell phone unlock code resellers are connecting to your server using the API provided by Dhru Fusion. However, they need to be […]

How to create an API test service for Dhru Fusion GSM [Cell Phone Unlock Server]

One of your cell phone unlock resellers asks you about testing the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress by using the using the Dhru Fusion GSM API with your unlock server. However, you don’t have an API test service for them to try and you need to know how to create one. If you don’t want resellers testing against your […]

How to Enable Automatic User Registration Mode [Dhru Fusion GSM]

A new user had just signed up on your Dhru Fusion GSM unlock server and you’d prefer to enable automatic user registration mode from now on. Previously, the manual registration mode was fine when business was slow. However, things are different now. You need all the time you can get in order to manage your cell […]

How to Create a Cron Job to Generate an API Key [Dhru Fusion]

Creating a cron job to generate an API key with cPanel for your Dhru Fusion GSM cell phone unlock server would be great. Business is good. Many are signing up with you to become unlock code resellers. However, the manual API key creation process is getting old. When you receive the notification that someone has signed up […]

How to configure the Auto Adjust Price [Unlock Pro Products]

The Automatic Update the WooCommerce Product Price post addressed configuring a single WooCommerce Product to auto adjust price values when your Dhru Fusion provider adjusts their unlock service prices. The WooCommerce Product would need to have the “Remote Service” Product category selected and have the “Auto Adjust Price” enabled for “Global” under the “Product data” […]

What Does the Brand/Model Required Mean for Unlock Products?

The brand/model required setting is needed to unlock certain cell phones. However, there are over 20,000 different kinds of Android handsets and over 10 different types of iPhone. Windows has a reported 50 different phone devices and the list goes on. The StockUnlocks Basic plugin for WordPress will handle unlock orders that only require the […]

What Does Country/Network Required Mean for Unlock Products?

Failed to unlock, again? Sometimes more than just an IMEI is necessary to unlock a cell phone. It could be that the country/network required setting is set for an unlock service. What does that mean? Sometimes, it’s necessary to identify the country of origin for the network. Otherwise, you may not receive the unlock code […]

What does MEP Required Mean for Unlock Products? [StockUnlocks Pro]

Is MEP required? WooCommerce Products take advantage of this setting as an unlock service. You want to understand this. Especially now, since you’ve upgraded to the StockUnlocks Pro plugin for WordPress.  The MEP Required Number Explained MEP stands for Mobile Equipment Personalization. MEP is an identification number unique to Blackberry devices. So, this identification number is […]

What is Apple GSX and What Does it Stand for?

GSX stands for Global Service Exchange. Authorized repair shops or Apple partners use the Apple GSX service. Thus, it’s a worldwide order management tool. The GSX service tool allows Apple partners to: Provide business services for their customers Directly interface with Apple Obtain replacement parts and repair procedures If partners have their own custom software […]

What is APAC Service and What Does it Stand For? [iPhone Unlock]

You’re scratching your head. You’re selling a mobile unlock service called APAC Service iPhone. You ask yourself, “What is APAC service and what does it stand for?” APAC is an abbreviation for Asia Pacific. That’s what is stands for. It’s an actual cellular network which operates in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Oceania markets. […]

Price Compare the Cheapest Unlock Codes [Mobile or Cell Phone]

It’s simple: You need to quickly price compare the cheapest unlock codes in order to sell them on your mobile and cell phone unlock website. You’ve gone through all of the tutorials. Your website is set up to use WordPress, WooCommerce and the StockUnlocks plugin. Your site looks great and you may have already imported […]

How to make a WordPress Child Theme [Mobile Unlock Website]

You want more. The new WordPress theme that you’ve enabled looks great and works fine with the WooCommerce plugin and the StockUnlocks plugin. However, you want to make your website look better. You heard that you should make a WordPress child theme. You don’t have a clue about how to go about creating a child theme. What […]

How to Help Developers Translate a WordPress Plugin into Your Language

Enough is enough! You need that plugin to speak the language of your customers! You want to translate a WordPress plugin. However, you’re not a developer. How can you help developers translate a WordPress plugin into another language? After all, WordPress is the most used content management system out there. So, it makes a lot sense […]

How to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider

Failed connection to the remote server! The remote server does not recognize your IP address. Therefore, you need to reset your IP address with your Dhru Fusion API provider. You come to this conclusion because you can no longer connect to StockUnlocks provides this server so that you can test your WordPress site with the StockUnlocks […]

The Unlock Cell Phone Online Status [WooCommerce Product]

Don’t panic! If you’re unlocking cell phones, there’s a quick way to take your WooCommerce product offline, without removing it from your website. The unlock cell phone online status setting is the solution. Sometimes, your Dhru Fusion supplier disables cell phone unlock services. Despite that, you may want that service to still be viewable on […]

View Order Details of a WooCommerce Product [Mobile Unlock Service]

Of course, you want to help your customers. But, sometimes you want them to help themselves. Why not help them to view the order details of a WooCommerce product? Some customers would like to view the current status of their mobile or cell phone unlocking order directly on your website. WordPress, along with WooCommerce, makes […]

Add the “Delivery Time” Shortcode to a WooCommerce Product

It happened again. Unlock code delivery times change like the wind. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a delivery time shortcode that could automatically update these changes? The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress uses a Shortcode that allows you to enter a reference to the delivery time one time and forget about it. Yes, update […]

Manually Create a Mobile Unlock Service with WooCommerce

Forget importing unlock services from your Dhru Fusion supplier for a minute. Instead, did you know that you can manually create a mobile unlock service from scratch with WooCommerce? Unlocking cell phones with WordPress, WooCommerce and the StockUnlocks plugin is a great combination. Your business is on autopilot because you use the StockUnlocks plugin. Finally, it […]

Automatic Update the WooCommerce Product Price

You just received that “Prices Updated!” email from your Dhru Fusion direct source supplier. Now you wish that there was some way to automatically update the WooCommerce Product price. You need to do this for all of the related unlock services on your WordPress site at once. The StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress has transformed your […]

How to Reassign a Mobile Unlock Service [Dhru Fusion]

Quick: How do you reassign a mobile unlock service when another Dhru Fusion supplier’s offering looks way better and is cheaper? Your current supplier won’t budge on the price. Therefore, how can you take advantage of this NOW? Your business has been unlocking cell phones and other mobile devices with your Dhru Fusion wholesale supplier […]

How to Resubmit a Dhru Fusion Order [processing error]

The customer’s cell phone unlock order failed! Do you know how to resubmit a Dhru Fusion order? You know that feeling when a WooCommerce order fails. Not to mention, while processing a Dhru Fusion cell phone unlock request. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to be using the StockUnlocks plugin with WooCommerce for this […]

How to Change the WordPress Default Email Sender

“Oh NO! How do I change the WordPress default email sender name?? Why is this even happening?!” That’s your reaction while you’re testing your cell phone unlock website with WooCommerce and the StockUnlocks plugin. Surprisingly, notification and status emails are being sent out that contain as the sender’s address. You must change the WordPress default email sender […]

How to Use cPanel to Create a Subdomain for Your Website

Why would you ever use cPanel to create a subdomain for your website? Your site has been tested and running along as expected. Maybe your business is providing mobile or cell phone unlock codes. Therefore, you’d like to create a subdomain of testing. Specifically, you may be in need of an environment for testing WooCommerce […]

How to Configure a forwarding email account [WordPress/cPanel]

It’s driving you crazy! You need to create a forwarding email account in cPanel because you have a bunch of domain email accounts. It would be so much better to see all of those emails in one place. You’ve created a domain email account for WordPress in cPanel. You now realize that you could use […]

How to Create a domain email account in cPanel [WordPress]

Create a domain email account and step up your game. You’ve used cPanel to install WordPress in your web hosting environment. Therefore, why not use a Gmail account? Gmail is free, like so many other email providers. Why Create a Domain Email Account? You’re ready to put some polish on your new online business. However, […]

How to Unlock Cell Phones with WordPress [Get Codes]

Yes, you can get codes to unlock cell phones with WordPress! You’ve installed WordPress in your web hosting environment using cPanel. Now you need to know: Where do these cell phone unlock codes come from? What does it take to secure a website? We’re going to outline the steps to get you up and running […]

How to Install WordPress in cPanel [The Easy Way]

You didn’t think you could do it. But now, you couldn’t be more confident about yourself after learning how to create a MySQL database in cPanel. Now it’s time to install WordPress in cPanel! We’ll show you how to install WordPress in cPanel by: Downloading the latest version of WordPress. Installing WordPress by using a […]

How to Create a MySQL Database in cPanel

You found the perfect home-based business, but it requires a website using a MySQL database. Do you hire someone? Do you build it yourself? How hard could it be? To create a MySQL database in cPanel to unlock mobile phones isn’t as difficult as it sounds. We’ll help you see that, rather than you doing […]

Unlocking your Mobile Phone may soon be FREE

Unlocking Mobile Phones: Jumping Through Hoops If you buy a mobile phone today or have bought one in the past, you already know that a locked device is preferred by many due to a lot of reasons. A locked phone means that your phone will be bound to the carrier and no other sim can be used […]

iPhone Unlock Service – iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6 +, 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S update

We receive a few requests regarding iPhone unlock services that already appear on   The fact that someone is asking about the existence of a service that is readily available, indicates that something needs to be adjusted regarding the layout of the “shop” portion of this website. User interface (UI) design and User interface […]

Unlock iPhone, Still the Cheapest After 3 Years. Why are We Doing This?

It’s been three years since I’ve been unlocking iPhones with my own website. It’s been quite a challenge trying to deliver a service that’s in demand for the cheapest price offered. Many things have happened since I decided to get involved with unlocking mobile devices. I’ve decided to summarize my experience with this post: Unlocking […]

App Development – The Legacy of Yo (the App)

The Legacy of Yo (the App) This guest post is by Jason Edelman, Sometimes it is the most unlikely of apps which become the most successful. This past April Fools Day, Or Abel developed an app, Yo, for Windows Phone, Android, and Apple products. The app only does one simple, fun thing; you send […]

How Do I Code On My Phone: 7 Apps That Teach You How To Code

Code On Your Phone: 7 Apps That Teach You How To Code This guest post is by By Patrick Charuza at Coding is the language behind every software program and it brings to life every piece of technology you have ever used. Learning to code used to be a daunting task and it was […]

WordPress or Drupal Commerce?

Those who are using the StockUnlocks module (or “plugin”) for Drupal powered websites are: Accessing numerous mobile unlocking services from multiple Providers. Importing unlocking services directly into their own website. Automating the processing of unlocking requests – even while they sleep! Customizing email responses. Overview: This brings me to the question: What’s next? WordPress […]

How to Officially Unlock 5 AT&T iPhones for under $50 – ATT Sanctioned

AT&T allows a contracted customer, in good standing, to unlock up to five devices per year for FREE. Prepaid GoPhone customers with an active account, for at least six months, may unlock up to five mobile phones per year as well. Want to know how to have your out-of-contract iPhone unlocked by ATT officially? The […]

How to avoid an AT&T iPhone unlock scam

There was a time when we were receiving requests to unlock hundreds of AT&T iPhones, sometimes thousands at a time. During that period, we chose not to pursue such business for many reasons. See the details in the Open letter to AT&T. The two main reasons why we were not accepting AT&T iPhone unlocking […]

An Open Letter to AT&T Wireless Division: iPhone Unlocking Proposal

Dear AT&T Wireless: This letter is to propose a possible solution to carrier unlocking the off-contract AT&T iPhone. Specifically, unlocking the previously owned iPhone for individuals not qualifying to submit a Customer Device Unlock Request. The off-contract iPhone is often sold or given to a non-AT&T customer. There exists a real need to carrier unlock […]

The AT&T Suspension/iPhone Unlock Shutdown: Unlocking Still Possible?

Let’s get right to the point. You’re looking to unlock your AT&T iPhone and you don’t qualify for a free unlock via AT&T. So far everywhere you’ve been has either: Canceled and refunded your order Canceled and kept your money in their “credit” system Still has your order and you’ve been waiting for at least […]

The State of the AT&T iPhone Unlock: One week later, more long delays

About a week has passed since the meltdown or “AT&T iPhone unlocking shutdown“. It turns out that the AT&T iPhone can still be unlocked after all. But, why does it feel like we’re flashing back to a little over a year ago when prices were considerably higher? What’s with all the delays? How can a […]

AT&T will not unlock iPhone again – The end of the ATT iPhone unlock?

LATEST UPDATE: Orders now being accepted here: AT&T iPhone Unlock A few interesting things happened this week: The stockunlocks Drupal module for the Dhru Fusion GSM API client is pretty much done. We experienced a slight peak in sales. We also experienced our highest peak ever: The most AT&T iPhone unlocking orders refunded! Obviously, we’re […]

Using iOS 7, protect yourself – iPhone scam: PayPal, Ebay, Craigslist

A new feature in iOS 7 can stop an iPhone thief or scammer right in their tracks. With this new security enhancement, if your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, it’s true: you may never see your iPhone again, but you can make sure that no one else will ever be able to use it […]

StockUnlocks mobile unlock module – Drupal and Dhru Fusion Client API

Finally: The StockUnlocks module for Drupal powered websites! Utilizing Ubercart and the v2.0 API for the Dhru Fusion GSM Portal Client, this module will automate many of your daily unlocking tasks. Check out the YouTube Channel for a brief video overview. I think that you’ll find the StockUnlocks module useful if you’re new to […]

iPhone unlocking: In the beginning there were no blogs not here anyway

There’s something that I’ve been wanting to say about this blog for some time now. First, I figured that I would take a break from the coding, come up for some air and let you know that I’m still excited about this StockUnlocks unlocking website project and still working on that customized mobile unlocking Drupal […]

I’m Excited About this unlocking website project: Accomplishments

At first, it seemed rather daunting: The creation of a custom installable Drupal module, including proper code commenting, and adhering to various other standards. The task of reorganizing strewn about PHP code, css, js files and various directories would end up actually making all of our lives a little bit easier, at least when it […]

Why couldn’t we unlock that iPhone?

I don’t know why. Maybe we did unlock it eventually, but he may never know that we did. Yeah, we received that dreaded email: “I got the UNLOCKED email message from you guys, but it ain’t working!!” That’s what usually kicks off the great email exchange. The step-by-step review of the unlocking procedures, the screen […]

This might take longer than I thought: Making an iPhone unlock website

[Video transcript at the very bottom] Glad to have you aboard! Did you bring a good book? ‘Cause I think this is going to take a little while. What was I thinking??? I had been bouncing back and forth on this tutorial thing for a long time because I knew that it would get pretty […]

I just got tired of the street noise and the neighbor’s rooster.

[Video transcript at the very bottom] I just finished the first video in the series: “StockUnlocks Drupal 7 – How to Install Ubercart: Make Your Own Mobile Cell Phone Unlocking Website” and it wasn’t entirely problem free. My apartment is located on a small, but busy street. The traffic noise combined with the neighbor’s rooster […]

My first: So what, you made a ScreenFlow iMovie video. Big Deal.

That’s the feeling I had after posting my first video on YouTube and after about a week and only 25 views – about 8 of those views were mine trying to impress myself! I really thought that I was on to something when I searched Google for “build your own cell phone or mobile unlocking […]

As a Business: How to Stay Organized When Building Your Unlock Website

There are a million other ways for you to go about this. I’m just going to tell you what I did to stay somewhat organized while I put this mobile phone unlock website together as a business. Note: All links open in a new tab or window. If you still need some extra help, here’s […]

Hacking the Game, Old School: Electronic Quarterback

Gather around now and let Grandpa tell you about how we used to hack games back in the day. It was way back in 1978 and my best friend, Fred, and I used to play Electronic Quarterback, a simple handheld electronic game that was the craze for many. Anyway, Fred used to beat me all […]

Drupal Development: Building My Own Remote Mobile Unlocking Website

Even though I discovered Drupal in June, 2012, I didn’t really start building this site until August, 2012. It was slow going at first, but once the path was clear, things moved relatively quickly. How would I go about customizing my site? I did what most people would do: scour the web and YouTube for […]

Unlocking iPhones: eBay Was Way Too Successful: Design My Own Website

When looking back, it was relatively easy to set up a simple page on eBay with instructions, collect some IMEIs, submit, unlock, and contact – next. It was easy until the orders started piling up and delays were introduced. Maybe having an integrated eBay “storefront” or whatever they call it would have helped, with all […]

iPhone Unlocking: Now it’s my turn to unlock iPhones using a website

Do you remember the day when AT&T started unlocking the out-of-contract iPhone? I do. It was April 8, 2012. If you were a customer in good standing, AT&T allowed up to 5 devices per year to be unlocked under your account. That’s when the world of unlocking became just a little greener, if you know […]

Build an Unlocking Mobile Website: The First Time I Unlocked an iPhone

I had been carrying around an iPhone 3GS for almost a year while on extended stay outside of the United States when I finally saw it: “Officially Unlock your AT&T iPhone via iTunes!”, or something similar to that, appear on my Google news home page. Jailbreaking, although an option, was too much of a hassle […]

The motivation to design and build your own mobile unlocking website.

I’ve always felt that my memory was in need of improvement. Any information related to enhancing it is interesting to me. I owned a Palm Tungsten E2, loaded with SuperMemo, an application that “will help you forget about forgetting.” I loved my Palm Tungsten, I loved my SuperMemo. I broke my Palm Tungsten and “poof” […]

How to create or build your own mobile unlocking web site – the scoop

Good questions. However, the answers are going to take more than just a couple of posts to break it down for you. I’ll give you all of the details in the weeks ahead and hopefully answer more questions along the way. So, get ready! Our last post about why we hate unlocking websites kinda touched […]

Unlocking Web Sites: We HATE Them! Don’t you hate them too?

“But, wait, isn’t this what you guys do?”, you ask. Of course. However, that doesn’t change the fact that many unlocking websites out there are just confusing, misleading, or present a frustrating experience. Just to let you know that, right from the top, this is not going to be a rant ending with a list […]

Smartphone Security: Backup & sync your data, iPhone, Android, Windows

If the unfortunate happens, such as losing your smartphone, having to delete all of its contents or it becomes physically damaged, you want to be sure to have your phone’s data available in order to restore it to a replacement device. Even though services exist for remotely backing up your smartphone to an online storage […]

Smartphone Security Tip: Lock that screen: iPhone, Android, BlackBerry

Have you ever noticed the person that takes out their smartphone and in less than a blink of an eye, they’re accessing their address book or some other application? Impressive, huh? Not really, if they’ve accessed that information without having to enter any security information first. What’s the big deal? All of that swiping and […]

Craigslist Checklist When Buying a Used, locked or unlocked iPhone

Online purchasing of a “previously owned” iPhone comes with its own challenges, prompting you to ask yourself: “The price looks great, but why did the seller choose to use a stock image?” or, “I wonder what shape the dock connector is in?” or, “Do the speakers rattle when playing sound?” We can go on and […]

Clean Bad ESN Unlocking – What does it mean? Does an iPhone have one?

First of all, ESN stands for “Electronic Serial Number”. Similar to the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, this is a number that uniquely identifies a phone. The difference is that an IMEI number is attached to a phone that takes a SIM card using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology. An ESN is […]

Use Your iPad to Send SMS Text Messages to non-iOS devices

Most iPad users already own a cell phone to make calls, send and receive messages, you know, the basics. However, when you’re being cradled in your favorite chair or propped up in your bed tapping and swiping away on your iPad and you want to send that text message, it seems too much of a […]

Factory Unlocking blog: Using Your Newly Unlocked iPhone

You’ve just officially unlocked your iPhone or any other Smartphone for that matter. The time has arrived for you to either switch to another local carrier or travel internationally. A few questions might still weigh heavily upon you, such as: Which network should I choose? Will I lose any of my phone’s features when traveling […]

Cheaper to Factory Unlock iPhone: Purchase an iPhone under contract?

So, you want a brand new iPhone? When you see the $199 price tag for that new iPhone, it looks pretty inviting. The first reaction may be the bright idea: “Why can’t I just get the iPhone at a discount, unlock it and be on my merry way?” Not so fast, there’s a whole lot […]