The Best Japan SoftBank iPhone Unlock
Coast scene from Japan for the Japan SoftBank iPhone unlock

Unlocking an iPhone on the Japan SoftBank network for a long time was very expensive. When I first started this website, I made a decision not to offer it because the unlocking service price was in excess of $150 at that time.

They Were Stealing From Me!

There were some scammers out there ordering unlocks and then later submitting a claim to PayPal. If you’re familiar with PayPal, the buyer is usually favored over the seller offering “virtual products”. This is clearly explained in PayPal’s terms of service as well. Frankly, I just wasn’t interested in having to refund so much money while my funds were tied up as “credits” with the Wholesale Direct suppler.

Things Can Only Get Better

Quite some time has gone by and the price for the Japan SoftBank iPhone unlock has decreased and stabilized at a somewhat “reasonable” offering. No, it never got as cheap as the $1.00 AT&T iPhone unlocks back in its glory days. In fact, the Premium AT&T iPhone unlock is about the same price as the Japan SoftBank iPhone unlocking service now.

Who offers this unlocking service? What is the average cost? What’s the cheapest price can you expect to pay?

Japan SoftBank Unlock: Otosan’s Words

If Otosan were here, he’d say, “Looks like we’re starting to make strides.” Glance down below to find out where your next Japan SoftBank iPhone unlock is coming from (clicking on a specific column header will sort the chart accordingly):

CodesUnlocker.comJapan Softbank Blacklist Check $0.202018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium 4, 4S, 5, 5C, 5S $45.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium 6 & 6+ & 5SE $60.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium 6S & 6S+ $65.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium 7 & 7+ $70.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium 8 & 8+ $88.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank Japan - IPhone 8/8+ Premium $88.002018-04-23
CodesUnlocker.comSoftbank iPhone Unlock Premium X $92.002018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S (Premium) $44.902018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone 6, 6+, SE (Premium) $57.902018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone 6S, 6S+ (Premium) $67.902018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone 7/7+ (Premium) $71.902018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone 8/8+ (Premium) $91.902018-04-23
Freedomobile.comJapan Softbank - Apple iPhone X (Premium) $99.902018-04-23
Gsmcodigos.comI-phone Softbank $75.002018-04-23
GsmFather.com763# Japan Softbank - iP 3G/3GS/4/4S/5/5S/5C(Premium) $39.502018-04-23
GsmFather.com764# Japan Softbank - iP 6/6+/SE (Premium)

iP Unlock (Some More)

1-15 days
GsmFather.com765# Japan Softbank - iP 6S/6S+ (Premium)

iP Unlock (Some More)

1-15 days
GsmFather.com766# Japan Softbank - iP 7/7+ (Premium Service)

iP Unlock (Some More)

1-15 days
GsmFather.com767# Japan Softbank - iP 8/8+ (Premium)

iP Unlock (Some More)

1-15 days
GsmFather.com781# Japan Softbank - iP X ( Premium)

iP Unlock (Some More)

1-15 days
HammerUnlocks.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 5/5c/5s [Premium] - 39.00 Credit - Japan SoftBank - iPhone 5/5c/5s [Premium] $39.002018-04-23
HammerUnlocks.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 6, 6+ [Premium] - 50.00 Credit - Japan SoftBank - iPhone 6, 6+ [Premium] $50.002018-04-23
HammerUnlocks.comJapana Softbank - iPhone 6s, 6s+ [Premium] - 60.00 Credit - Japana Softbank - iPhone 6s, 6s+ [Premium] $60.002018-04-23
HammerUnlocks.comJapan Softbank - iPhone 7/7+ [Premium] - 62.00 Credit - Japan Softbank - iPhone 7/7+ [Premium] $62.002018-04-23
HammerUnlocks.comJapan SoftBank 8/8+[Premium] - 80.00 Credit - Japan SoftBank 8/8+[Premium] $80.002018-04-23
HammerUnlocks.comJapan SoftBank X [Premium] - 84.00 Credit - Japan SoftBank X [Premium] $84.002018-04-23
HangUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C (Premium Service) $39.002018-04-23
HangUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 6/6+ (Premium Service) $52.002018-04-23
HangUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 6S/6S+/SE (Premium Service) $60.002018-04-23
HangUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 7/7 Plus (Premium Service) $63.002018-04-23
HangUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 8/8+/X (Premium Service) $85.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c Premium Service[3-12 Working Days] $43.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone 6/6+/SE Premium Service[3-12 Working Days] $56.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone 6s/6s+ Premium Service[3-10 Working Days] $66.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone 7/7 Plus Premium Service[3-10 Working Days] $70.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone 8/8 Plus Premium Service[3-10 Working Days] $89.002018-04-23
Mobileunlockside.comSoftbank Japan - iPhone X Premium Service[3-10 Working Days] $95.002018-04-23
RouterUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 4S,5,5C,5S (Premium Service) $54.002018-04-23
RouterUnlock.comJapan SoftBank -iPhone 6,6+ (Premium Service) $69.412018-04-23
RouterUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 6S/6S+,SE (Premium Service) $81.912018-04-23
RouterUnlock.comJapan SoftBank - iPhone 7,7(Premium Service) $84.952018-04-23
Unlockcodesource.comJapan - Softbank iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C (Premium) $49.502018-04-23
Unlockcodesource.comJapan - Softbank iPhone 6/6+ (Premium) $63.502018-04-23
Unlockcodesource.comJapan - Softbank iPhone 7/7+ (Premium) $77.502018-04-23
Unlockcodesource.comJapan - Softbank iPhone 8/8+ (Premium) $98.502018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank - iPhone 4S,5,5C,5S (Premium Service) $39.902018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank -iPhone 6,6+,SE (Premium Service) $54.902018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank - iPhone 6S/6S+ (Premium Service) $59.902018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank - iPhone 7,7(Premium Service) $64.902018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank - Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus (Premium) $84.902018-04-23
UnlockKing.usJapan SoftBank - Apple iPhone X $89.902018-04-23
Unlockvilla.comSoftbank Japan- Iphone 5/ 5s+ /5c Premium 100% $50.002018-04-23
Unlockvilla.comSoftbank Japan- Iphone 6 / SE+ Premium 100% $62.002018-04-23
Unlockvilla.comSoftbank Japan- Iphone 6s / 6s+ Premium 100% $71.002018-04-23
Unlockvilla.comSoftbank Japan- Iphone 7/7+ Premium 100% $80.002018-04-23

Dealing with Wholesale Prices

These are wholesale prices, being offered by Direct Source suppliers. Most likely you’ll have to open an account with your desired unlock provider and then add credit to your account. However, once your account has been credited, you may order any of their offerings until you deplete your credit.

Once depleted, it just as easy to top off your credit again.

Not Interested in Wholesale Prices

Suppose you’re not in the market for bulk, wholesale purchasing of unlock codes? You can always ask the provider for a link to their retail website. You will pay more at the retail website though. For now, I think that the comparison chart is a great tool to sample where the market currently stands regarding the Japan SoftBank iPhone unlock.

Making Your Own Website

Take a look at our homepage to access more resources about creating your own cell phone unlocking website.

If you have any questions or additional suggestions, leave a comment down below or just contact me directly.

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