Benefits Of Having A Website

Whether you’re a freelancer, a designer, a small business owner, or even a newcomer in any industry, the benefits of having a website is priceless. You have likely seen startups and individuals competing with portfolios or product lines on social media. In this day and age where credibility and appeal is everything, having a website steps up your game for you. In a study by Clutch, 46% of small businesses still don’t have websites, that’s almost half and you can get ahead by getting one now. Here are the benefits of having a website in our opinion.

Online presence

Keeping up with current trends is always key to be more likely to succeed. Although social media platforms work well enough for some, having a website will put you in a stronger position. You might have to know a thing or two about technical stuff like search engine optimization to rank up search results but people looking up your exact business will be delighted to see a website where everything is laid out. And more often than not, people take to Google when looking up something, and making your presence known is just something you can’t replace.

This applies to businesses and individuals alike. Since working from home is a thing now, having a website to showcase your experience and background is a godsend. That is if you want to stand out from the rest. Especially for those who want to go the extra mile, designing your site could be just as fun as reaping the benefits of having one later on.



Since Google is the go-to search engine, typing in what you’re looking for has never been easier. Either purchasing a product or hiring a service, a quick google search is all that it takes. When a website is one of the things customers happen upon, it increases your credibility for more potential sales. Although this is not to be confused with website credibility in terms of SEO. That’s a whole other topic altogether. What we mean to say is people often look up information on businesses they are interested in. They’ll be more likely to find those who have websites. Building trust in your business with a site is key. Your website’s design also plays a large part in that. Take this to your advantage and design the hell out of your website and instill your branding and identity as a business or individual. Here’s’s post on exactly how to increase trust on your website.

Eliminate Print Ads

A great thing about having your website is customization. If you own the website, what you put in it and how it looks like is your choice. Putting all information about your business is one of those things you can do. Adding product lines, product info, instruction manuals, and everything in between. In essence, what you put in brochures and flyers can all go into your website. Eliminating the need to print everything and distribute them.  Not only do you help by reducing paper waste, but you also extend your reach by making your website an online portfolio or brochure. A classic flyer is also still great but it only goes as far as your area of distribution. You’ll save money along the way and reduce your carbon footprint too.


Customer service

If you’ve done it right, adding forms and surveys on your site for customers is a great way to address their pain points and further streamline your product or service. It’s great to point out that addressing their main concerns will just increase repeat customers and new ones as well. Since you can eventually collect data from visitors or customers that opt-in for short surveys, you can do your market research based on the data and create a targeted campaign. Adding ways for your customers to leave a message and reach you conveniently adds to their whole experience which is a plus in our books and a great benefit to you just for having a website. 

Boost efficiency 

If you’ve added everything from forms to catalogs, your website is pretty much ready to go. A great thing about this is that it ties everything together. From your social media campaigns to product launches, you can seamlessly push your marketing with a well-made website. Not only that, but you can also access your online sales, customer inquiries, market research, and more. Since customer and visitor data is logged for every session, you’ll be able to do so much more than showcase your company info.

Overall, you’ll be saving lots of money on overhead costs, and print ads or collaterals. You might notice bigger companies already set for the online push so this is geared more towards small businesses and individuals. Although the conventional methods still work great, online methods are a lot cheaper and could get you just as far. Depending on what you need, you just need to pay for your hosting and domain. After that, promoting your website on social media or even online ads works great too. Especially now that more people are staying home, going virtual is the key for maximum reach. 

Although it’s a different story for individuals. Ads aren’t a necessity. Just slap on your link to your social media pages for people looking you up to see. Maybe add it to your business card or email signature. At the end of the day, this will boost your credibility and image if done the right way. You’ll always find ways to monetize your website. Click here to view our plugins that you could use to offer a mobile unlocking service through a WordPress plugin.


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