The AT&T Suspension/iPhone Unlock Shutdown: Unlocking Still Possible?

Let’s get right to the point. You’re looking to unlock your AT&T iPhone and you don’t qualify for a free unlock via AT&T. So far everywhere you’ve been has either:

  • Canceled and refunded your order
  • Canceled and kept your money in their “credit” system
  • Still has your order and you’ve been waiting for at least a week now

We’re resellers of mobile unlocking services. As a “customer” ourselves, all the above has happened to us also.

What else happened to us

Just to let you know up front: Over the past 3 weeks we have taken in over 80 AT&T iPhone unlocking orders and we have not had one supplier deliver an unlock for us – yet. 80 orders, that’s nothing compared to most of the resellers out there. We were playing it safe due to recent events.

One supplier informed us that they were processing over 1,000 orders a day during the supposed “AT&T iPhone unlocking shutdown”. They also canceled and refunded all of our orders, informing us that the price had gone up.

What does it all mean?

You may ask, “Why do you think that it’s still possible to unlock the AT&T iPhone?” First, we feel that all of those rejects were due to orders being received during the “great transition” taking place over at AT&T. Maybe all of the rejects weren’t entirely the fault of the suppliers.

Second, we have been informed that every single AT&T iPhone IMEI submission is now scrutinized to see if it’s eligible for unlocking. As certain “direct suppliers” were eliminated during this phase, cancellation of orders and refunds also ensued.

Ok, back to the question … carefully compare the more recent submit date to the reply date. That last entry indicates that the AT&T iPhone IMEI submitted on 22-oct was “processed” for unlocking, but failed and was replied on 23-oct. This means that if it had “passed”, that iPhone would have been unlocked within 24 hours. Not bad.

Why did they fail?

We were told only to submit “fresh” IMEI, those that have not been submitted to and/or rejected by other suppliers. We can’t control that, a customer will tell you anything when desperately searching for freedom. Also, the more recent iPhone 5c/5s apparantly raise flags, but some are claiming to still get them done.

Please be sure that your iPhone is truly locked to the AT&T network! If not, you may lose your money at some of these websites. We offer an official iPhone network finder that lets you know the network you’re locked to as well as the locked/unlocked status of your iPhone.

We’ll update you next week regarding the unlocking progress. Hopefully, with some “unlocks” to report! Feel free to let us know, as well, where you have had success.

Beware of the “credits” system!

We have to give you a heads up though if you’re planning to try one of the suppliers that only have a reseller’s link above: They use a “credits” system, which is for resellers, repair shops, etc.

Typically, you fund your account and then submit IMEI for unlocking. If it fails, your account with them is credited, not your PayPal account. This will permit you to use their other services. Something that a reseller or shop normally would have no problem with, since they have other brands/models to be unlocked.

These suppliers process thousands upon thousands of orders per day. We can submit an order and receive an order number like: 2014731. An hour later, submit another order with the same supplier and that order number could be: 2015529. See that? Almost 800 orders were received in a very short period of time between our two orders.

Searching through those orders and manually refunding a single PayPal transaction is no joke for these high volume suppliers. Please keep that in mind and carefully read all of the terms before you place an order with them.

What the future holds

As this situation develops, we will be your source regarding the state of the AT&T iPhone unlock.

Our stockunlocks module for Drupal powered websites is now “official”. We will continue to work on improving and supporting that. We’ll still offer unlocking services and continue to give you a peek behind the scenes along the way. Follow us on Twitter to stay in the loop.

Many regards,


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