Advantages of Buying an Unlocked iPhone

4 Advantages of Buying an Unlocked iPhone

NOTE: Although the advantages of buying and unlocked phone mainly mentions the iPhone throughout this post, the principles apply to most all mobile phones in use today.

Many people find it convenient to go to their local carrier stores, such as AT&T, etc., to purchase their desired iPhone model along with the phone carrier package. An advantage to buying a locked iPhone is convenience. Many consider this option a convenience because the iPhone can be used instantly without the need to decide a cellular plan now and then.

As a result, many flagship iPhones are limited to a particular carrier. The packages come with a fixed plan, unless a request is submitted to unlock the iPhone. The application has a criterion to be met by the particular carrier; the procedure may not always lead to acceptance, and the iPhone may be restricted to the carrier unless other services such as software and hardware unlocking are attempted.

There are numerous advantages of buying an unlocked iPhone, and they are as follows:

1. An increase in Network compatibility

Unlocked iPhones are programmed to work with more than just one particular network. GSM networks may be used at any point in time; this is a huge incentive for people who frequently travel for leisure activities or work.

2. Broader range models to choose from

Carriers networks commonly limit the models they offer. Unlocked iPhones have a vast variety of models. If one were to buy an unlocked iPhone, they may still subscribe to the carrier’s plan. Gadget lovers opt to stay up-to-date with the latest iPhones without being restricted to a iPhone for over a year. Purchasing an unlocked iPhone gives them the ability to change their iPhone and cellular network without a hassle.

3. Many network options

Buying an unlocked iPhone will no doubt result in diversified network provider options. The rate and subscription plan will not be submitted to a carrier for a set time. Unlocked iPhones have a budget friendly approach to using cellular network services.

4. An increasingly high resale value

Selling your old iPhone is much easier when the iPhone is not attached to a particular carrier. On average unlocked iPhones are sold at a 25-30% higher rate than locked iPhones. For instance, if I were to sell my locked AT&T iPhone 6 to buy the iPhone 7, the only buyers who would be interested might only be AT&T users, for example. Selling an unlocked iPhone in local and international markets would seem like a viable option.

Unlocked iPhones are a great option for people who want to have a more flexible plan and freedom to choosing, selecting their providers and keeping themselves updated!

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