Why Unlock the iPhone – About Unlocking Your Mobile Phone

Would you like to use your mobile phone on a different network provider? Unlocking releases you from your initial provider, giving you the freedom to choose! If your mobile phone contains a SIM card, this chip allows your network provider to identify it by the serial number it contains. This also enables the network provider to “lock” your phone to their network.

Any attempts to use a “non-approved” SIM card in a phone which is locked to another network fails. That’s where Unlocking comes in. If you would like to use your SIM enabled mobile phone on the network of your choice, then you’ve come to the right place!

How do we do it?

Here at StockUnlocks.com we provide a service known as “remote unlocking” or “code unlocking”. This is an easy method of unlocking a handset. For the most part, the only details about your handset we require are the following:

  1. IMEI of the phone
  2. Model of the Handset
  3. Country
  4. Network

These details are used by StockUnlocks.com to generate the code to unlock your device. Once generated, we will notify you via email, providing instructions on how to complete the unlock. When completed, you will be free to choose a new network provider.

Even if you decide to remain with your initial network provider, unlocking your handset gives you the freedom to take it with you for international travel, if desired.

What are the Benefits of Unlocking?

Some of the many benefits of unlocking include:

  1. As mentioned above, the possibility of using your phone in more countries around the globe
  2. Ability to take advantage of roaming services offered by most major networks
  3. Ability to use any SIM card on any network

Common Questions:

Q: What are the risks of having my phone unlocked? A: Unlocking poses no risk to your handset.

Q: Is all of this unlocking stuff legal? A: If you own your phone, it’s legal to unlock it. However, due to recent changes in US legislation, under certain conditions it’s illegal to unlock certain cell phones. Check out the StockUnlocks blog entry for more details.

For additional information, see our StockUnlocks.com Frequently Asked Questions or Instructions for unlocking various mobile phones.

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