5 Things to Consider

5 Things to Consider Before Unlocking Phones as a Business

When you’re thinking about starting your own mobile unlocking business, you need to know the answer to certain questions before you invest your time and money into a venture to unlock cell phones.

With all of the online resources out there from blogs with information on building websites to easy to follow videos on YouTube, it’s not so hard to get some hosting, put a basic website together, and optimize it for traffic from search engines.

Putting all of that aside, before you even download the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress or the StockUnlocks module for Drupal what should you seriously stop and consider?

Here are 5 things that might be worth taking a good look at before jumping into yet another online business:

1. Make sure that it’s financially possible.

Let’s try to explain this with an illustration: What’s the point of setting up a lemonade stand when you know that your net profit will be about $0.02 per glass? If you sell hundreds of thousands per day, well, it might be worth it. But, don’t you think that it’s still good to know what your profit margins are in advance?

Make sure that it’s financially worth it.

Check out this regularly updated wholesale price list. It includes prices from over 20 direct mobile unlocking suppliers. Review this price list carefully. Compare what you see here to what retail unlocking websites are actually charging. Doing this will help you to realize the financial possibilities of starting your own mobile unlocking website.

2. Be patient and kind.

Kindly deal with your customers. I’ve found that no matter how many details I may include on a web page, no matter how many direct links I may send in a communication, questions are still asked. Questions are expected. However, the very questions that are answered on those pages, are usually asked anyway.

True, it could point to the need to have a better designed website. But I think it’s safe to say that a large number of folks out there don’t care to read through a bunch of details and would prefer to have a direct, written response. Copy/paste does come in handy here, most of the time 😉

Keep in mind that there are so many other choices out there for unlocking a mobile phone. In addition to getting a good deal, customers tend to come back to a place that showed them respect and took the time to help them to understand the important details.

Going back to our lemonade stand example: Out of the thousands sold, some customers might come back complaining that theirs was too sweet or not sweet enough. You may need to ask yourself, “How can I set their expectations?” or “What can I do to make this a better experience?”

Unlocking phones is more straightforward: Either the device gets unlocked or it doesn’t. There is no in between. You will rarely hear back from the individual that gets their phone unlocked. On the other hand, when an unlock fails, why not provide a little more information? You can provide possible reasons for the failure, alternative services, or simply acknowledge their frustration.

3. Pay attention to the details.

Simply put: read, just a little more. When you sign up for an account with an unlock provider/supplier or service, read that “getting started” or “welcome” link. Also, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of their website or the related forum might have just what you’re looking for.Pay attention to the details.

In many cases the website administrator is also the website owner, marketing department, webmaster, etc. It may take some time before you get a reply sometimes. Your patience plays a role in this as well.

4. Offer more.

You will find it difficult to compete with other cell phone unlock websites. Price differences might be negligible between your unlocking website and others, possibly decreasing your chances of winning that customer. What about offering other services or products to give you that needed edge?

Offer more.Think of partnering with repair shops, websites or stores that sell charging cables, screen protectors, or mobile phone cases.

Be creative. There are many opportunities to partner even if it’s with simple ad placement. Try to offer something that could differentiate your website and not come across as just another “me too” mobile unlocking website.

5. Think like an investor.

“To invest is to allocate money (or sometimes another resource, such as time) in the expectation of some benefit in the future.” From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Of course, this is a business. You may be able to obtain the majority of what you need to get started unlocking phones for free. This includes hosting, a content management system (WordPress or Drupal), themes, plugins, modules, and more.

Getting stuff for free is usually good. However, the need to “allocate money or another resource” for some future benefit, usually more money, is fundamental to every business.Think like an investor.

As traffic and your website grow, you may require increased bandwidth, a Virtual Private Server, additional design, development, security, etc.

You will come across something that seems like it might benefit your business, but comes with a price. After thoroughly weighing the cost and benefit(s) and you see that it’s worth it, by all means spend the extra that will move you forward.

The point is: you will have to spend some to make some, somewhere along your journey.

Finally, here’s a more detailed post that helps you to Stay Organized When Building Your Unlock Website.

Enjoy your trip!


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