Unlock Mobile Phones With WordPress

Automate your mobile unlocking store with the StockUnlocks plugin combined with WooCommerce.

StockUnlocks is designed to transform your website into a remote, mobile unlocking machine.

Work from home business

Your website automatically processes orders while you focus on growing your customer base.

Many unlocking services

Import unlocking services into your own website from multiple Direct Source mobile unlocking providers.

Custom email responses

Automatically update customers regarding  order status. Sends system status to website administrators.

API Support for:

DHRU Fusion

GSM Fusion
(GSM Genie)



Unlocking Providers

  • Remotely connect to your favorite Direct Source unlocking providers
  • Eliminate the need to login to multiple websites to submit and check orders
  • Quickly disable automated processing for individual, specific providers
  • Store simple or detailed notes about the provider
StockUnlocks Providers Selection Screen
StockUnlocks import mobile unlock services

Import Services

  • Create individual or multiple unlocking products at once
  • Improved data transfer, importing hundreds of entries at a time
  • Seamless, automatic linking to Direct Source unlocking providers
  • Easily locate newly imported unlocking services for customizing

StockUnlocks Options

  • Adjust how often automatic order processing takes place
  • Custom price settings for when supplier’s prices change
  • Limit the total number of services to be remotely imported
  • Full customization of email notifications to customers and administrators
Customization of email notifications in the StockUnlocks Plugin Options
The StockUnlocks Dashboard Tab exporting all unlocking services into a spreadsheet

StockUnlocks Dashboard

  • Export all unlocking services into a spreadsheet
  • View StockUnlocks plugin status at a glance
  • Identify products not assigned to a Provider
  • Future: Display API connection status, funds available and much more …

Transform your website into a mobile unlocking machine.

Get ready to focus your time and energy where they're needed the most.

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