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Scenario #1: You’re about to unlock that cell phone you’ve just purchased or received from a friend or family member. Before you spend the money on a remote IMEI unlocking service, how can you be sure that the device can even be unlocked? WARNING: Your newly obtained cell phone will not be able to be SIM unlocked if it was:
  • Reported as lost or stolen
  • Associated with a delinquent account (late or no payments)
  • Used for any illegal activity

The original network provider has the ability to flag the device as “blacklisted, barred, or blocked”. This is done by adding the device’s unique identifier or IMEI to a database that tracks cell phones that should not be unlocked until the related problem has been resolved.

Scenario #2: You have an iPhone and you’re not sure if it’s SIM locked, unlocked, or blacklisted. Not only that, you’re not even sure which network is was used on.

IMEI Check Service Results

Happily, there is a solution for both scenarios: a Remote IMEI Check Service. For a fee, you can submit the cell phone’s IMEI to a website and within minutes have a very detailed reply regarding the status of the device. The information received will often look something like this (results courtesy of HangUnlock) :

Simple CheckMEND:
Result: CLEAN

ICCID Checker (Network & Country):
Carrier: ATT_US

Nokia Carrier Check & All Info:
IMEI Number: 359191055533974
Model Name: Nokia 208
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Start of Warranty: 04-Dec-2014
End of Warranty: 04-Dec-2016
Activation date: 12-Feb-2015
Ship-to-country: Ireland
Sold-to-country: Ireland
Factory Unlocked: No

Samsung Carrier Check & All Info:
IMEI Number: 352622063148170
Serial Number: R38F90HARPM
Un Number: C1608DE590B3F71
Model Number: SM2G870ATSEATT
Model Name: SM-G870A
Warranty Status: In Warranty
Purchase Date: 09.19.2014
Production Date: 09.15.2014
Manufacturer: P104 Samsung Headquarter Korea
Carrier: U.s.a At&t
Sold By: United States / 20 September 2014
Ship To: United States / 16 October 2014

Apple Full GSX Carrier Check & FMI:
Description : IPHONE 7,GSM,32GB,BLCK
IMEI : 355324081752292
Serial Number : F71SVKADHG7F
Product IOS Version : 10.2.1
ICCID : Not Available
Mac Address : Not Available
Estimated Purchase Date : 13/01/17
Registeration Date : 13/01/17
Warranty Status : Apple Limited Warranty
Warranty Days Remaining : 262 Days
First Unbrick Date : 13/01/17
Purchase Country : United States
Initial Activation : 2136 US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Applied Activation : 2136 US T-Mobile Locked Activation Policy
Next Tether : 10 Unlock.
Unlocked : FALSE
Unlock Date : Not Available
FMiP Status : OFF

Besides the other details, here’s what you’d really want to see included in these reports:
Results: CLEAN = Not blacklisted, barred, or blocked
Unlocked: TRUE = Can use a SIM Card on practically any GSM network

Not All IMEI Check Services are the Same

Sometimes all you need to know is the network the cell phone is SIM locked to. This will allow you to choose the appropriate unlocking service particular to your device. This is a big deal as the price difference can be huge, depending on the network. For example, unlocking a “clean” iPhone locked to the AT&T network may cost $0.25 from your Provider. However, the T-Mobile Austria iPhone unlock costs @$100.00.

There used to be a ton of free websites out there that would allow you to see the locked/unlocked status of your cell phone as well as the network it’s locked to. Many of those websites no longer exist or they mask important portions of the results in order for you to pay to see the full status.

Where are the Cheap IMEI Check Services?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had one place to go to find and compare IMEI checking services in order to choose the cheapest?

Here you go (Displayed wholesale prices are for resellers, see description after the chart):

51GSM.comSamsung Full Info|Carrier + Warranty Checker $2.202017-05-30[1-60 Minutes] GSX iPhone Carrier Checker (Includes FMI & Carrier / Lock status) $1.002017-05-30[1-24 Hours] GSX iPhone Carrier Checker (Includes FMI & Carrier / Lock status) $0.752017-05-30
BlowfishUnlocks.comSamsung Carrier Checker + Warranty Check $0.202017-05-30
Codeskpro.netiPhone Check (Initial Carrier Check) $0.592017-05-30
CodesUnlocker.comNokia Check [Warranty | Product Type & Code | Carrier] + Blacklist Status $0.702017-05-30
CodesUnlocker.comSold To + Initial Carrier + Purchase Country Check via IMEI Service $0.252017-05-30
GsmFather.com514# Samsung (Carrier + Warranty) Check $2.002017-05-30
GsmFather.com644# iPhone Apple GSX Instant Carrier Check Service $2.002017-05-30
GsmFather.com599# iPhone Apple GSX Full Report Carrier Check (By IMEI) Instant $1.502017-05-30
GsmFather.com638# iPhone Carrier + SIMLock Check $0.452017-05-30
GsmFather.com147# iPhone Carrier Check via GSX (Server 2) $0.452017-05-30
GsmFather.com321# Check Nokia info by IMEI (carrier, model, country, warranty) supported all models $0.202017-05-30
HangUnlock.comApple Full GSX Carrier Check & FMI (Auto Instant) Server 2 $1.502017-05-30
HangUnlock.comApple Full GSX Carrier Check & FMI (Auto Instant) $1.202017-05-30
HangUnlock.comApple Full GSX Carrier Check (Manual Service) $0.452017-05-30
HangUnlock.comNokia Carrier Check & All Info $0.452017-05-30
HangUnlock.comSamsung Carrier Check & All Info $0.352017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comiPhone/iPad Carrier _GSX Check Service(Instant To Few Min) $1.502017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comiPhone Carrier Check INSTANT $0.702017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comiPhone/iPad Carrier _GSX Check Service2 (1 To 12 Hours) $0.652017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comiPhone/iPad Carrier|GSX Check Service3[1-24 Hours] $0.652017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comSamsung Carrier and Warranty Check (Fast Service) $0.502017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comSony Info by IMEI (Model, Carrier, Warranty, Software) Check Service $0.402017-05-30
Mobileunlockside.comLG - Carrier/Model/Warranty Check (Instant) $0.102017-05-30[INSTANT] iPHONE GSX Carrier Check + Unlock Status $1.302017-05-16
SwiftUnlocks.comiPhone GSX Carrier Check + Unlock Status [1-24 Hours] $0.452017-05-16*INSTANT* iPhone Carrier Check + SIMLOCK Unlock Status $0.442017-05-16
SwiftUnlocks.comSAMSUNG Checker [ Carrier + Warranty Checker + Blacklist ] $0.402017-05-16
UnlimitedUnlock.bizSamsung Info Check by IMEI [Manufacturer | Country | Carrier | Serial #] $1.202017-05-30
UnlimitedUnlock.biziPhone Network Finder - [Check Carrier | Country | Status] $1.002017-05-30
UnlimitedUnlock.bizNokia Info Check by IMEI [Manufacturer | Country | Carrier | Serial #] $0.652017-05-30
UnlimitedUnlock.bizHTC Info Check by IMEI [Manufacturer | Country | Carrier | Serial #] $0.252017-05-30
UnlimitedUnlock.bizLG Info Check by IMEI [Manufacturer | Country | Carrier | Serial #] $0.252017-05-30
UnlimitedUnlock.bizMotorola Info Check by IMEI [Manufacturer | Country | Carrier | Serial #] $0.252017-05-30
UnlockArena.caIphone Carrier/Network Check GSX $0.852017-05-30
UnlockKing.usHuawei Info by IMEI (Carrier, Model, Country, Warranty) Check + GSMA Service - (Instant) $0.202017-04-17
UnlockKing.usLG Info by IMEI (Carrier, Model, Country, Warranty) Check + GSMA Service - (Instant) $0.102017-04-17
Unlockvilla.comIphone Carrier Check GSX Server 1 Full info ( 1-24 hrs ) $1.002017-05-30
Unlockvilla.comIphone Carrier Check via GSX 24x7 Server 1 [Manual 1-24 hrs] $0.852017-05-30
VictorUnlock.netiphone checker carrier $1.502017-05-30

What to do for Single Orders?

Single orders may be placed with the Direct Wholesale Suppliers listed above. However, it may be necessary to credit your account with them ahead of time. Usually the required, non-refundable credit can be anywhere between $10-$20. Your account remains credited until it’s depleted by placing additional orders with the Supplier.

There is a possibility that the unlock Supplier may operate a retail website for one-time, single orders. Just send them a message inquiring if they have a retail website to avoid creating a reseller account with them, if that is your desire.

If you’re interested in starting your own business offering cell phone unlocking services, check out the resources on our home page. As usual, drop a line below to give us your thoughts.

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